The Summer Hummmms

Home for the summer and happy about it. I have recently finished my junior year of undergrad and am looking forward to and also hesitatingly at the coming final year. Who knew life could fly by as it has… and as I am sure it will continue to? I have processed, learned, seen, and experienced so much. I cannot fathom what is to come. Ironically there is a fear that somewhere this exciting learning and experiencing will somehow end when I leave this academic insitution- but deep down I know better. No way, the journey is beginning. Right? 21 … almost a year older and I have more freedom to do and be who I have always dreamt of becoming? the problem is now I am less and less sure what that really is. Haa. Guess it’s time to start figuring the next step out and slowly but surely all else will fall into place. Goodbye Junior Year, it was good, it was great, time for new lessons and adventures.