Update on Life

Junior year has started out well and I am in the process of slowly settleing into my positions and wing. I see God moving in new ways on this campus; gently leading us, as a community, on both large and small levels into deeper relationship with HIM.

Junior year feels a bit surreal in that I have officially entered the 2nd to last year at Taylor and have friends (my age) getting engaged and married and applying for grad schools and jobs!!

I am 21, the age I never thought I would be, and am feeling like I am officially truly starting to become more of an adult. It is fun and scary and surreal all at the same time.

I love school, especially my art classes! I am blessed to be heading to India for J-term on a missionstrip (that I AM SOOO EXCITED ABOUT!!) and am in the process of preparing for that!

I am involved in Women’s Ministries, Global Outreach Cabinet, WOW Cabinet, and am a Discipleship Coordinator in my dorm.. I feel a bit overwhelmed but God has given me so much peace its been great!!

I am also in the process of working on 2 personal art series. 1. a series on refugees the other is in the brainstorm process, but it is on the 12 disciples and is meant to encourage men on campus… we will see if it does! haa!

So that is the quick update!!



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