Leaving Messages for God.


There is an art exhibit that has been set up in the Netherlands that is meant to help viewers feel like GOD is more accessible by having a phone number that gives you ‘God’s answering machine’. Even though I am not entirely sure what this exhibit looks like it has sparked some interesting responses globally. I was reading the article on BBC, and after reading noticed on the sidebar that BBC has a blog post where people can write what they would leave as a message for God. I began reading these and I became addicted. It was good to hear what others were thinking about God and faith. I really encourage you to read this.

I read 8 pages of responses thus far and my heart is broken and challenged by these peoples statements. I find it is easy to forget what the rest of the world thinks about God when you are at a place that encourages him so much.

As I was reading it I tried to imagine how it must impact God to hear these words that are so often silently spoken in peoples hearts… globally.

The concept of leaving a message to God is interesting to me too and that has fed into a lot of peoples responses, of frustration when they feel like GOD must not exist because he doesn’t ever seem to respond in their eyes.

I experience the silent times too. Where I feel like GOD has forgotten all about me or out of frustration with me refuses to speak to me. But I have more opposite experiences to counter the feeling of silence,  so I do not stay in that frustration.

check out the article and let me know what you think.