i heard the birds chirping today. it made me smile. the melting of the snow and the sweet sunshine has brought vibrant life back into my soul. I feel as if people tend to switch into survivor mode when the winter months come and begin to wear on our nerves and spirits, which makes spring such a wonderful time of year.

Spring break starts this week and once it comes i am off on my chicago adventure.

I have been so encouraged by peoples giving and interest in the trip. I am convinced that God has a lot planned- whether we will know what it is or not – i am convinced that He is behind the trip. I can’t wait to follow where he has been leading.

School has luckily calmed down after weekend. I still have projects but it is much more manageable. I am very proud that i survived and finished everything and on time!! 🙂

God really encouraged me this week too through friends and family, and external things. This week having been very up and down, in that it was filled with EXCELLENT things, and BIG downers- God never let go and seemed to keep whispering in my ear that ‘everything is going to be o.k.’.

one cool thing- that was completely shocking happened on thursday!

I entered a competition to get into the literary and art journal that our school publishes every year. they do not accept all applicants, but i got one drawing in. I was estatic. They pick the pieces in the fall, and then in the spring one piece in art and one piece in writing gets a 100$ prize. As a freshman i didn’t expect anything- much less from the piece i had gotten in- BUT to my great surprise i won!!

i was in tears. 🙂

Also another great encouragment was this past saturday when i went to work with my leadership team with some refugees. the experience was incredible and once again (and i don’t think my team knows this) brought tears to my eyes. we fought through the language and cultural and religious barriers and had an amazing time! it was so amazing to see everyone step up and interact with the love of Christ on their hearts and minds.

oh and for those of you who have been praying for beauty week: it was incredible. it was VERY powerful on our wing and also across campus!



God bless!!



 Thoughts lately:

I have been thinking A LOT- which is a very good thing, and I have been processing so many aspects of life, and who I am, and am continuing to do so. It has been wonderful to be with friends and to address wounds that i hadn’t realized were so deep, and to dive deeper into discovering who God truly is.  I have been thinking a lot about God and what it means to be his servant, and where I see myself going in the future… finally realizing- that I don’t want any jurisdiction over my future, because God will use me- if I can just let go.

I watched Chocolate with the girls in my suite, and it was excellent, the athiest woman who refuses the church, which was dry and manipulated, and corrupted in ways, came in with color, into a gray world. The main character was an inspiration to me- because although she was an athiest, she clearly demonstrated Christ’s character to everyone around her. She had righteous anger, and lived to love those who were unloved. She ate with the least of the least. She lived to love. She GENUINELY invested in peoples lives.

it was inspiring.

Life Update:

So i have had the privilage of working with some spectacular new friends on this coffe house for Burmese Refugees! we will hold it this saturday and i am SOOO excited!

I have also started going to another chruch… which is very against who I am- in that I hate even a hint of ‘church shopping’ to be present in my life- however I thank God that he has helped me find a church where i am excited to go and can really meet with him. The place I had been going was fine, and has so many great things about it, but for reasons which I don’t understand, God has brought me to a new church, and it has been such a wonderful and challenging experience!

Also spring break is only 2 1/2 weeks away! we are working on team building preparations, and it has been excellent and I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

currently as far as academics go there is A LOT to do, and yet, unlike my normal self, I am very at peace about it all- perhaps too at peace.

current projects:

– building a CARDBOARD chair that can support my teacher

– a 2 point perspective rendering of a corner of the library in colored pencils.

– a digital self portrait

– working on refufugee series