Beauty From Within


A girl on my wing who is involved with Womens Ministries at Taylor, has started a beauty week that will be held sometime in March! It is to inspire and encourage women to find the beauty in themselves and to be comfortable with themselves naturally! It has been so cool and inspiring to watch it all come together and to be apart of some of the preperations!

We just got one chapter of preparations figured out, and I got to use my artistc passion to help!! (and full fill a dream that I have long had on my heart) I painted the girls faces with symbols and words, and then a guy from my brother floor took pictures of the girls. The photos are fabulous. None of the girls were able to wear make up and all of the symbols incorporated the beautiful and natural curves in the face.

I am SO excited to see how the pictures turn out and to see how God moves in the lives of both men and women on campus over that week, and as the year goes on. I hope that women will be able to see their natural beauty and embrace who we are, and stand confident in the realization that God loves us for who they are and exactly how he made us. The week will also be focusing on the unity between inner and outer beauty, and bringing God into both aspects of it.


please be praying for the preparations, and that God will move and inspire and awaken, and encourage people!

God bless.


‘They only stick if you let them.’

I have come to a revelation, that should never have taken this long to appear.

I am a small group leader for my wing, and I decided to kick off the new semester with the book YOU ARE SPECIAL by Max Lucado.

I read it to my group, and then we discussed, and the discussion was truly powerful. Being one of the girls who struggles with ‘the ugly duckling syndrome’, it is especially powerful to remind myself of the incredible love my creator has for me and of the beauty he sees in me. I mentioned how I thought it was powerful and a statement of truth when Eli tells Punchinello that the ‘stickers only stick if YOU let them’.

My group ended up making cards to remind ourselves of this.

It was so powerful.

It has challenged me to make a note and to stop putting stars and dots on others, as well as on myself.

I need to define myself in GOD. Not just my identity, but I need to realize that GOD delights in me, and thinks that I am beautiful. That is all that matters. I don’t want anyone else to define me anymore. It is a depressing and worthless thing to seek.

So, in conclusion, I encourage you to rid yourselves of the dots and stars you may or may not have allowed to stick, and to refocus and revisit the Carpenter, who is dying to talk with you everyday, and tell you how much He loves you.

Remember, ‘they only stick if YOU let them.’

God bless.


It is the second lap, and I am now past the half way marker of my Freshman year of college. Strange to say.

It amazes me that I have less than six months before my twentieth birthday, and only 3 1/2 years left of my college years.  Time moves so quickly!

Although time has been moving so fast, it has not moved too fast as to keep me from being involved… and I can honestly say: I WILL NOT BE BORED this semester. 🙂

I am really excited for my art heavy schedule. I have a digital art, a drawing, and a sculpture art class! I also have a sociology class, which is amazing too! We have large projects due at the end of the year where we have the opportunity to go into prisons, and participate in one of their Bible studies, or inverview offenders, go to Alcahol Anonymous meetings, HIV help centers, sleep at a homeless shelter, etc.

You should have seen my face after he went through the options for that project… I was giddy with excitement!! haa!

I also have a leadership class, to prepare me incase I apply to be a Discipleship leader next year. (which I am planning to do).  That also requires a service project- which i am also ecstatic about! It will be awesome to see what God does in all of the team’s lives and in the lives of those we end up serving!

AND my last service that is BIGGER… is a trip to Chicago to work on racial reconciliation with a team of students from Taylor. We will be learning a lot about inner city issues, and do whatever we can first hand in showing God’s love, and also just being a helping hand where ever we can be. I am really excited about this!! I would really appreciate prayer for this, and if you are interested in hearing more or helping out through donation, just leave a comment! But prayer- more than anything would be incredibly appreciated.

So life is moving fast, and it is filled with many many awesome things – and i know that this isn’t even half of what God has instore! that i guess is what makes this next semester and NEW year even more exciting!

Well I am off to do homework- have a blessed day.