ok. so i had a great weekend after a very hard week. i wasn’t entirely sure i was going to manage the entire week. i hated the intensity of the class. i am a woman who enjoys variety. i value change… but that same old routine EVERYDAY and studying for one class for 5-6 hours everyday, and 3 hours of sleep for several nights, was becoming near unbearable… HOWEVER i had wonderful conversations sparked by the class material (bible literature 1). It has been great to talk about God in such deep and personal ways… sometimes even with complete strangers! God has definitely been moving in my heart and i believe in others too!

So then to end that stressful week, i had a wonderful and relaxing weekend full of encouragement!!

God could tell i needed encouragement. 🙂 friday i worked the late shift and was unable to participate with some wing activities, and got to hang out with a bunch of my guy friends at the front desk instead. we ended up playing a heated game of apples to apples, and i won :). haa! then the next day i was asked on a pick a date and we went to an ART museum, to go see Juno, and to a CAJUN restaurants!! it was so great and i had a blast! it was the perfect date/hang out for me! haa! i was even surprised with fun treats to help encourage me through the week, by one of my really good friends and my DA. it was just a wonderful weekend and i am so thankful to God that i had it!!

SO school is stressful but good, my friends are amazing! i continue to experience new things and happen on adventures, meet new people, and grow. i am so excited to see what the rest of j-term brings and to see where God leads me during spring semester! 🙂